BASF Works Photos
Hartgen Archeological Associates, Inc. issued a report "BASF Works Recordation Project:  HABS Level II Documentation, Buildings
75, 87, and 88:  City of Rensselaer, Rensselaer County, New York", by Walter R. Wheeler, September 2006 which provides a detailed
history, blue prints and photos of the dye plant.  The photos were taken in November 2005 by Stephen P. Ross and are reproduced
here with the kind permission of Hartgen Archeological Associates.  This report is available online at the web link below:
Building 75, looking north-northwest                               Building 75, looking west                            Building 75, looking south-southwest
Building 75, first floor west stairway wing,           Building 75, second floor weighing                        Building 75, first floor west lab,
looking southwest                                                       room,  looking south                                                  looking northeast
Building 75, first floor west lab,                              Building 75, first floor north lab,                               Building 87, looking northeast
looking east                                                                 looking north
      Building 87, looking east                                    Building 87, looking southwest                                       Building 87, third floor,
                                                                                                                                                                                        looking northwest
Building 87, second floor,                                         Building 88, looking west                                     Building 88, looking southwest
looking north
Building 88, second floor milling room,                   Building 88, electric panel boxes at                                 BASF Works, general view,
looking north                                                                  the second floor of northwest tower,                              looking west
                                                                                     looking south
Oil tank with Building 74 in left background,            General view with Building 65 on                          Buildings 61 and 72, looking west-
looking northwest                                                            left, looking east                                                       northwest         
  Building 82, looking northeast                           Building 71, looking northeast with                            Building 41, looking northeast
                                                                                    Building 61 on left and Building 72 to the
                                                                                    right rear
Building 61, looking southeast, with                         Building 85, looking east-northeast                            Aerial, late 1930s, before 1941
Building 60 in foreground and
Building 71 to right
                     Aerial 1946                                                                   Aerial 1947                                                              Aerial ca. 1948
                Aerial early 1960s                                                            Aerial 1978                                                                  Aerial 1978
                       Aerial 1979                                                                                  Aerial 2000
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Postcard of the Bayer Co. Dye Works in Rensselaer, View to East., ca. Early 1900s.  
Building 71 (with Peaked Roof) Is Flanked by Building 61 on Left and Building 72 on Right Rear.