Vincent C. Vesce
Technical Director of Harmon Colors
Vincent C. Vesce (1901-1982)
Vincent C. Vesce began his career as an industrial chemist after World War I with the G. Siegle Company, a pigment manufacturer in Rosebank, Staten Island.  In 1924 Mr.  Vesce left G. Siegle
to become a partner in the
Harmon Color Works in Brooklyn, which later moved operations to Haledon, New Jersey.   He was named Technical Director and was responsible for an impressive
number of achievements in pigment chemistry and technology.  Among these were the commercial production of durable maroon and red organic pigments for the automotive industry and the
first preparation of transparent colloidal iron pigments which made possible iridescent metallic finishes (USP 2,384,579). The commercialization of thioindigoid pigments in the U. S. was an
exclusive development of the Harmon laboratories under Mr. Vesce’s direction. These durable red and maroon thioindigos were the standards for fastness in the industry for many  years.

Mr. Vesce’s development of the first commercial non-flocculating phthalocyanine blue did much to encourage the use of this desirable pigment in the entire paint industry (USP 2,327,472).

In addition to his work on special automotive pigments, he pioneered the production of soft textured, easily dispersed pigments for a variety of coating applications (USP 2,268,144; 2,138,048;
2,138,049).  The production of benzidine yellows and pyrazolone reds was one of Harmon s specialties and it is believed that this work was also a "first" in the U. S.

In later years Mr. Vesce’s work was directed toward the preparation of new light fast pigments suitable for pastel coatings and in the preparation of special dispersions for specific industries.  
His outstanding paper on "Vivid Light Fast Organic Pigments" was published as Part 2 of the June 1956
Official DIGEST.

He was Chairman of Sub-Group VII (Red Pigments), Sub-Committee XV (Pigments) of ASTM, Committee D-l, Paint, Varnish, Lacquer & Related Products; a Fellow and charter member of the
American Institute of Chemists; a Fellow of the New York Microscopical Society; and a member of the American Chemical Society, the Inter-Society Color Council, and the Chemists Club.  

Mr. Vesce retired from Harmon Colors in 1962 when it was part of the
National Aniline Division of Allied Chemical Corporation.  He continued working for the company for some years as the
chief consultant.  In 1975 he received the prestigious
ISCC Godlove Award  for his achievements in color chemistry and technology.  

After his retirement Mr. Vesce moved to Arizona.  He was an outstanding amateur photographer whose work in this field was recognized by his being named an Associate of the Photographic
Society of America.   He passed away in Arizona in 1982.

Source:  Vincent C. Vesce,
Exposure Studies of Organic Pigments in Paint Systems, Harmon Colors, National Aniline Division, Allied Chemical Corporation, Haledon, New Jersey, 1959.


Chemical & Engineering News, Vol. 40, January-March 1962, p. 101
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