Jacob F. Schoellkopf
Founder of Dye Works in Buffalo, New York
Reproduction of biography from Memorial and Family History of Erie County, New York, The Genealogical Publishing Company, 1908, pp. 136-138:

Jacob F. Schoellkopf, founder of the Schoellkopf Aniline and Chemical Works of this city, is one of Buffalo's principal manufacturers and financiers and is a leading factor in many industrial and
other enterprises, the respective fields of Mr. Schoellkopf's activities being found in several sections of the Eastern and Middle States.  Mr. Schoellkopf is not only an eminent man of business,
but in his particular province is a technical expert of a high order, having all his life made a special study of chemistry and having in his early youth and earlier maturity enjoyed the advantages of
the most advanced and comprehensive training which Germany affords in that science.  Mr. Schoellkopf is also a man of thorough general education.  His extensive acquirements have been
applied to practical uses, and he is connected in high official capacities with a large number of manufacturing and financial corporations.

Mr. Schoellkopf was born in Buffalo February 27, 1858.  His father was the late Jacob F. Schoellkopf, well-known as the founder of many of the leading industries of Buffalo and Niagara Falls.  In
his boyhood the son attended the local public schools and later studied at St. Joseph's College.  After leaving that institution he went to Germany, where during the seven years from 1873 to
1880 he pursued a severe course of study at Munich and at Stuttgart.  At the latter place he made a specialty of chemistry, graduating from the Polytechnic College in Stuttgart in 1880.

At the close of his university career in Germany, Mr. Schoellkopf returned to Buffalo and engaged in business.  His chemical studies had directed his attention to the subject of coal tar dyes, and
he had arrived at the conclusion that the American market offered a great field for these products.  The outcome was the establishment of the Schoellkopf Aniline and Chemical Works, which
were founded by Mr. Schoellkopf shortly after his return to Buffalo and which constitute the most extensive plant of the kind on the continent; the business being operated by the Schoellkopf,
Hartford & Hanna Company, of which Mr. Schoellkopf is President.  The enterprise has $3,000,000 capital, employs 350 men and pays $15,000 monthly in wages.  The plant embraces about
thirty-six acres of land, including thirty brick buildings.  It has superb shipping facilities and possesses unequaled special equipments.

Mr. Schoellkopf is President of the American Magnesia and Covering Company, located at Plymouth Meeting, near Philadelphia; Vice-President of the Commonwealth Trust Company and of the
Central National Bank; and a Director of the Columbia National Bank and of the Security Safe Deposit Company.  He is also a Director of the Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power and Manufacturing
Company; a Director of the National Aniline and Chemical Company of New York; also of the Cliff Paper Company of Niagara Falls and of the International Hotel Company of the same place.  He is
also interested in the New York State Steel Company.

Though has been indicated, Mr. Schoellkopf is a man of diverse occupations and one whose duties are arduous in an unusual degree, yet he does not permit himself to be absorbed in business
to the exclusion of all other pursuits.  His connections with organisations other than those of a financial or industrial character are noticeably with bodies dealing with serious or scientific
subjects.  He is a member of the Buffalo Historical Society, of the National Geographic Society of Washington, D. C., and of the American society for Political and Social Science.  He is also a
trustee of the Buffalo general Hospital.

In 1882 Mr. Schoellkopf married Wilma Spring of Stuttgart, Germany.  Their children are Jacob F., born May 3, 1883, who is a graduate of Cornell University, Class of 1905, and who is now at
Strasburg University, Germany; and Ruth Wilma, born May 30, 1899, and Esther Spring, born June 27, 1901, who resides at the family home in Buffalo.
Jacob F. Schoellkopf (1858-1942), Founder of Schoellkopf Aniline and Chemical Works.
Memorial and Family History of Erie County, New York, 1908.  Click to Enlarge.
National Aniline and Chemical Company
The Schoellkopf Family Mansion, built in 1882 at Delaware Avenue and Allen Street in Buffalo, has been
demolished and replaced by a gasoline station.  Click photo to enlarge.