Elementis Specialties (Servo)
Delden, Netherlands
Servo was founded in 1926 at the site of an abandoned laundry works in Delden.  The firm was formerly owned by Sasol
Surfactants as part of Sasol’s acquisition of RWE-Dea's chemicals business in February 2001.  Elementis purchased Servo from
Sasol Surfactants in 2004 for approximately €48.5 million in cash.  For the year ended 30 June 2003, Servo had sales of €107.9

Servo has three core business areas:  coating additives, chemicals and specialty surfactants (including oilfield chemicals) and pulp
and paper chemicals.

The acquisition was a strategic opportunity for the Elementis Specialties goal of becoming a leading global specialty chemicals
company. The benefits were to:

•  accelerate future revenue and earnings growth in Elementis Specialties;
•  complement Elementis Specialties' existing rheology and surface chemical additives business
•  add an important new product and knowledge base in the area of surfactant development and manufacture
•  augment European manufacturing capability with the under-utilized Delden plant
•  generate cost savings through reorganization and rationalization and reduce raw material purchase costs by greater leverage

Coating additives:
Servo's coating additives business manufactures a range of more than 65 products for the coatings industry including dispersing
agents, thickeners, antifoamers, paint driers and anti-skinning agents.  Servo's coating additives business focuses on the water-
based architectural coatings market.  These products are marketed globally under the brand names including NUODEX®,

Chemicals and specialty surfactants:
Servo's chemicals and specialty surfactants business produces a variety of specialty chemicals and surfactants targeting a broad
range of industries.  The business has long-standing commercial relationships with several major household product customers.

Pulp and paper chemicals:
Servo's pulp and paper chemicals business supplies defoamers and pulp dispersants to the pulp and paper industries, primarily in
Europe.   This business was purchased from the Quaker Chemical Corporation in 1997

Elementis is a global specialty chemicals company comprising four separate businesses:  Elementis Specialties, Elementis
Pigments, Elementis Chromium and Elementis Specialty Rubber (Linatex).  Elementis employs more than 2,000 people at over 40
sites in North America, Europe, the Asia Pacific region and Africa.

 Servo Plant Location Map


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ColorantsHistory.Org thanks Mr. Jeroen ter Horst for his contributions to the history of Servo.
Historic Photos of Servo, Delden, Netherlands
Photos Courtesy of Mr. J. ter Horst.  Click to Enlarge.
Delivery of first reactor-May 11, 1932
Aerial photo 1932
Aerial photo 1948
Aerial photo 1967
Aerial photo 1971
Aerial photo 1998