Dye Researchers, ca. 1943
Photos Courtesy of Dr. Harlan B. Freyermuth
First row seated:  2nd from left:   Loretta Walters, Lab Technician
                          5th from left:   Anne Shaw, Lab Technician

Second row:  3rd from left:  Dr. Alfred Guenther
                  4th from left:  Dr. Albert Strobel
                  6th from left:  Dr. Ludwig Richter
                  7th from left:  Dr. William "Zeke"  Wallace

Third row:  2nd from left:  Dr. Jack Morgan  
             3rd from left:  Dr. Heinrich Bestehorn
             4th from left:  Dr. Harry W. Grimmel, Group Leader Azo and Triphenylmethane Dyes  Research
             5th from left:  Dr. Harlan D. Freyermuth
             6th from left:  Dr. Arthur Glickman
Dr. Harry W. Grimmel, Group Leader, ca. 1943
Left GAF in 1947 to Form
Metro Dyestuff Corporation
Right:  Dr. Harlan B. Freyermuth Discusses Optical
Brighteners with Visiting Board Members
Left:  Dr. Larry Hallet.  Second from Left:  Ernest K. Halbach
Doris A. Dean
Monitors Distillation-1945
Dr. Harlan B. Freyermuth
Checks Dyestuff Reaction-1943
Distillation of Vinylpyrrolidone in High Pressure Preparations Laboratory-1952
Left:  Dr. James P. Drusie; Right:  Clayton E. Groff
Photo:  Russell C. Aikins
Dr. Isaac H. Godlove (1892-1954), Chemist and Physicist
Leader in Color Science and Its Application to Human Psychology
Photo:  Courtesy of Dr. Terry F. Godlove
Laboratory Location
Read "The Anilog"-September 1946 CRL Employee Newsletter
Reminisces of GAF by H. B. Freyermuth
General Aniline and Film Corporation
Central Research Laboratory-Easton, Pennsylvania
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New:  GAF Central Research Laboratory Organization Chart with Names of Staff-1950
Image: Courtesy of Dr. Harlan B. Freyermuth.  Click to Enlarge.
GAF Research Organization 1946 and 1950
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Biography of Rensselaer Chemist Dr. William G. Huey
The GAF Corporation Central Research Laboratory Occupied the Former Stewart Silk Company 5-Story Building in the Foreground-1931
Image Courtesy of the
Hagley Museum and Library