Emanuel von Salis (1859-1939).  General
Manager-Hudson River Aniline Color Works,
Rensselaer, NY.  Photo:  Williams Haynes,

American Chemical Industry
Dr. William G. Beckers (1874-1948)
Founder of Beckers Aniline & Chemical Works, Brooklyn, NY
Photo:  Williams Haynes,
American Chemical Industry
Jacob F. Schoellkopf, Jr. (1858-1942)
Founder of Schoellkopf Aniline &
Chemical Co., Buffalo, NY
Ernest K. Halbach (1883-1958)
Founder of Verona Dyestuff Corporation, Union, NJ
American Dyestuff Reporter, 1958
Dr. Eugene A. Markush (1887-1968)
Founder of Pharma Chemical Corporation
Bayonne, NJ
John L. Crist (1890-1961)
Founder of Beaver Chemical Works Damascus, VA
American Dyestuff Reporter, 1957
Caesar A. Grasselli (1850-1927)
President of Grasselli Chemical Company,  
Precursor of General Aniline Works
Linden, NJ and Rensselaer, NY
Photo:  Williams Haynes,
Chemical Pioneers
Omar T. Frick (1870-1949)
Founder of Standard Ultramarine & Color Company
Huntington, WV
Henri Dourif (1881-1967) Co-founder of Standard
Ultramarine &  Color Company, Huntington, WV
Photo Courtesy of Joan Campbell
Otto B. May
Founder Otto. B. May Inc., Newark, NJ
Photo:  Williams Haynes,
American Chemical Industry
Dr. Ivan Gubelmann
Chemical Director-Newport
Chemical Age 1921
I. F. Stone (1867-1920)
President-National Aniline & Chemical
CompanyBuffalo, NY
Charles H. Stone
Vice President-Atlantic Dyestuff Co.
Chemical Age, 1921
Ernest C. Klipstein (1851-1923)
Founder of E. C. Klipstein & Sons
Photo:  American Dyestuff Reporter
George H. Whaley
President-John Campbell & Co., New York
Chemical Age, 1921
Rubin Rabinowitz
Founder of Atlantic Chemical Corporation, Nutley, NJ  in 1947
Chairman-American Dyestuff Corporation
Photo:  Courtesy of Rubin Rabinowitz
C. Scott Althouse (1880-1970)
Founder of Althouse Chemical Co., Reading, PA in 1915
Encyclopedia Dickinsonia
Dyestuff Industry Notables
George A. Prochazka (1855-1936), Founder of
Central Dyestuff and Chemical Co., Newark, NJ
Photo:  Williams Haynes,
American Chemical
, Vol. 1, 1954