Dupont's Dyes Business:  Three Decades of Innovation 1950 to 1980
Joseph J. Iannarone, Jr. and John S. Thackrah, Dupont's  Dyes Business:  Three Decades of Innovation 1950 to 1980, J & J Publishing, 2008, 261 pages
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Further Reading:

1) "DuPont Co.'s Dye Business in Salem County Focus of Historical Society", Salem County News,, accessed August 15, 2009
DuPont's Synthetic Fibers Required Entire New Lines of Specialized Dyes.  Click to Enlarge Photos.
Left:  DuPont Nylon Fiber Plant, Seaford, Delaware
Center:  Testing New Dyes on Yarn Skeins
Right:  DuPont Orlon Fiber Plant, Camden, South Carolina
DuPont:  The Autobiography of an American Enterprise, 1952