Collway Colors
Paterson, New Jersey
Collway Colors, Inc. of Paterson, New Jersey was established in 1932 by Robert J. O’Brien.  The company was chartered in New
Jersey with capital of 2,000 shares.  The manufacturing plant was located at 15 Market Street.  The company produced organic
pigments for the coatings and ink markets.  The Paterson City Directory of 1939 showed that Robert J. O’Brien was president-
treasurer and Frances M. Mercovich was secretary of the corporation.  Walter F. Zysk was named vice president in 1940.  John
Samko was listed as vice president in 1958.

O’Brien held at least one U.S. patent, no. 2,155,326 issued April 18, 1939.  The invention related to the production of dispersible, non-
dusting color powders containing vat dyes, pigments, lakes, toners, etc. as the coloring media.  The products were used for the
coloring of paper, rubber, leather and plastics and for textile printing.  

The company was acquired in 1960 by the
General Aniline and Film Corporation in order to increase its sales in the pigments field.  
The transaction was most likely done with cash, since the General Aniline and Film Corporation stock, seized as an enemy asset from
I.G. Farben in World War II, was still owned by the U.S. government at the time.  

Collway Colors then became the Collway Pigments Division of General Aniline and Film Corporation.  O’ Brien was named head of the
new division.  The plant manager in 1962 was Edward F. Greening, who had a manufacturing background at the Linden, New Jersey
plant of General Aniline.

The product line included mainly azo and phthalocyanine pigments such as Naphthol Red B (1-(2’-methoxy-5’-nitrophenylazo)-2-
hydroxy-3”-nitro-3-naphthanilide), Cyan Blue GTNF, the beta form of copper phthalocyanine (C.I. No. 74160), and Bonadur Red B.  

General Aniline and Film Corporation expanded its phthalocyanine manufacturing capacity at the Linden plant in 1966.  An 8,625
square foot extension was added to an existing building.  The Paterson plant production was probably transferred to Linden around
that time.  In 1978 GAF Corporation exited the colorants business entirely.


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ColorantsHistory.Org thanks Bruce R. Bardarik, Local History Librarian, Paterson Free Public Library, for his contributions to the
history of Collway Colors.
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